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EA Technologies

EA Technologies, a Florida based firm, was founded in early 2004 as a result of changing factors steering the course of IT organizations across the country. With a broad service offering and a determination to raise the bar of consulting expectations, EA Technologies has been well received and continues to grow quickly. EA Technologies offers solutions and professional services to those interested in bringing their organizations into the 21st century and using new technologies throughout.

IT Consultancy

We do IT projects and are acknowledging more and more AGILE based methodology. We feel that “Nothing should be black box”. Our customers should be able to speak/see with our consultants and work in tandem. Our customers have trusted us with outcome based projects model and some of our customers challenged us with productivity linked model (time-sheets based on output).

Mission Statement

In today's industry, change in technology is a common occurrence. EA Technologies is committed to excellence and professionalism in this ever changing industry. Many claim to hold the key to a successful Enterprise Solution, but only EA Technologies knows where it can lead and can provide the leadership to get there.


We have a superb recruitment engine in place and are working currently with many companies. This includes fortune 500 to various sized startup companies. We do full time placements, Corp-to-corp and temp to hire. Our working model is based on utmost transparency

What we offer?

  1. Managed project services
  2. Expert Ruby on rails software developers
  3. Flexibility to hire resources  - Part / Full time

Delivery Model

  • Fixed cost projects
  • Time and material based projects:
  • Outcome based projects
  • Productivity linked projects


Since year 2004, We are working relentlessly with various industries. Our deep focus is on TECHNOLOGY and we do bring domain knowledge onboard. We have been involved in PCI compliance work for a decent size Restaurant chain to doing lot of mobile/web development work for start-ups and mid sized companies.





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